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Oblivion vs. Skyrim

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Wastelander-75 said...
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Yeah you know when you compare the two, it's like putting the Mona Lisa up against a 2 year old's crayon scribble.....on a dirty napkin. Yeah they're both art, they're both creative, but only one hasn't aged well. At all.

I had the itch to play Oblivion again just to compare it with Skyrim. And I can say that itch has been scratched. For good.
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/First-Person Action RPG
Release Date: 21/MAR/06
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The "Mona Lisa" of this series is Morrowind.
I'd call it the Van Gogh myself. Still high on the list.
Morrowind's combat was goddamn horrendous.
Oblivion's VA was goddamn horrendous
Skyrim's Magic system is goddamn horrendous.

Yet all 3 are still good games, its just eeeh Morrowind is like bashing my head againest a wall now and Oblivion is more like blooding my knuckles on said wall.
stop looking at my junk.
You mean the pile of junk you left by the dungeon door? Are you coming back for that?
just cast a few feather n fortify strength n move dat back to skingrad
baby got back.....to their shack in Tamriel.
i enjoyed morrowind a lot more than any of the titles. i think skyrim was a great game, but it wasn't as satisfying to play. the learning curve was too low and it was impossible not to be overpowered from the get-go. i enjoyed morrowind more because of its diversity and difficulty. in morrowind, you could hardly manage to fight someone on your level. in skyrim, you could take on an enemy at least 10 levels above you.

anyways, here's a quick pic that sums up my rant:
You got to admit that they did clean up and structure Skyrim a lot better.

Menu clutter gone.
Convos look and feel more natural (I really didn't like the "EXTREEEEME CLOSE-UPS!! *metal guitar*) when I talked to someone.
Third person perspective is a lot better.
Audio and Music far superior than the others.
Graphically superior.
Now ALL talents/skills help develop your character, as opposed to a handful.
18 skills yes, but literally a hundred perks

Morrowind might have the quantity, but Skyrim has the quality. I don't mean that to be mean, I did enjoy playing Morrowind and I always will. But sometimes too much is just too much.
Graphics and audio aren't what make the game, though. Graphics are nice, but the graphics in Morrowind were still superior to what I was used to and the scenery is still my favorite of any game world, ever. There's nothing worng with the sound, except maybe one or two high-pitched spells. The music is worthy of being played in my car. At this point, there really isn't any point to improving it any further.

What haTilla says about game play means a lot more to me. Sure, I can blast my way through a massive army in just a few seconds, but I had to EARN that. It tooks weeks of game play to scrounge up enough drakes, trap powerful enough souls and find the right items to enchant. I had to build my way up slowly, first by making weapons that did 10 damage, then 20, then 39, then 100 before I could finally take down the big creatures and start making 139 pt weapons. Even then, it took a while to build up a large enough supply of magic rings for a sustained assault and I still don't dare sell off all those 39 pt shock bolt rings. I need them for clearing out the cliff racers.
I never understood the whole "Morrowind has better combat!" thing. I don't mind my swings missing but don't have the same goddamn animation play for a hit as a miss, it just makes the combat feel wrong when on my screen I be swinging a sword and it hits the model but deals no damage.

And yes, Oblivion/Skyrim removed so much clutter in the menus and fixed the journal system, hell Skyrim uses slightly modified Morrowind music anyway.

Also the fact that you can be so overpowered doesn't really hold much appeal "Oh hey, I can one shot everybody!" and the clunky system for magic and weapons did not help either, I much prefered Oblivions take on it.

I will admit that the variety has dropped a lot with the lack of so many weapon types (Crossbows in Skyrim are fun though :P) and you have to rely on mods for it to bring back a few things. though birthsigns have gone from a character gen thing to a blessing thing almost.

Also fixed areas gave me the shits when I played Morrowind because there is no indication so you could walk into an area that is several levels higher, get nuked and then lose all this progress, like that bandit cave area just outside Seyda Neen in Morrowind.

So yeah, playing Morrowind is like bashing my head againest a wall after coming from Oblivion/Skyrim even though it does have some good points.
@Wastelander-75 come on man. the music in ES3-5 are all epic. regular music not so much the battle music.

but then again maybe I just played the games so much where jeremy seule is a god to me :P
@LordXenophon i got em burnt also
@mishy bashing my head against the wall might be what was great about ES3(difficulty). but yea the graphix with weapons not all that great. but it was the shit then and still is.
@AyLeiDRuiN I could point how how much of an annoynace blocking was as well :P
Skyrim music is the same music as the rest of the series, except with a bigger orchestra and a choir.

But I have to aree Morrowind is the best of the series because there was so much to do. Skyrim comes on a DVD, it's such a huge bame, so I was pretty disappointed to find it was all music and graphics files and the cut down the game content. Skyrim is a tiny world compared to anything else in the series.

But I also have to admit the journal did nee some cleaning up. The one thing I didn't like about Morrowind was trying to find things in my journal.
the world is up 2 date in 5. meaning, you have currents that push and pull you in the water. wind other environment effects that probobly could not be added in the other 2(on account of tech) but was needed.
who knows. mayb there was a mod that did that n i didn't find it.
Let me just say that, as someone who traditionally hates the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim is one of my favorite games of all time.
@LadyEldath this song is in my Skyrim: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGPL6tWKxpk&feature=relmfu

As well as a remixed travel version of another morrowind song. Made me giddy as hell :D
@LadyEldath awesome point! as big as skyrim was, it never seemed like it. and you've been able to validate that feeling. the elder scrolls had a bunch of different places to visit and the physical map you receive in the game box gave the game so much mystique! morrowind had the west gash, sheogorad, grazelands, ashlands, bittercoast, ascadian isles, and azura's coast. all of which looked different and gave the game a resfreshing feeling. skyrim had snow, tundra and forest. some of which were exciting, but the lack of variation made it all blend together.
@Mishy you have a lot of good points and i think some are a matter of personal preference. i do like the fixed areas though. it gave a location a matter of importance and mystery. it made me go "wow, there are really strong guys in this cave! there must be more to this place. i'll remember this place after doing some quests for my new guild!" and this idea gave me a specific drive to level up :D
@Wastelander & LordXeno i agree with xeno, graphics will never affect a good game (ie minecraft)!
Minecraft is a great example. It's a modern game with very low graphics quality. In fact, they make the low graphics into a sort of a schtick.
The one thing I don't like about Skyrim though, is that certain eh....quest rewards don't scale to your level of stuff.

I could finish up the civil war and have useless items in my inventory because...well....Having a full set of Daedric Armor beats a paltry looking imperial sword and Heavy Armor set any day.

"Here, we reward you with this sword. It should be better than what you're using now...."

*looks at my Daedrick Mace*

".........Nope. I'm good. *goes to sell useless items*"
@Wastelander-75 I got a Daedric Sword with Absorb Magicka when I finished the civil war...
you were lucky then, because I didn't.
Yeah I got a daedric weapon as well, but with drain health. Its level based so if you were only like 30 you probably wouldn't have gotten that and probably were only getting Ebony rarely.
In the entire series, I've found that quests often give rewards that aren't as good as what I'm already using. I always thought that was because I was exploring all the side dungeons and crafting my own items before doing the quests, though.
Generally you can craft better items then you can find, but in Skyrim they normally have unique enchantments if you get one such as Wuuthrad.

Sadly since they have so many "junk" dungeon magic items, you generally won't notice it anyway.

Least Morrowind fixed that one pretty well, hell I think Keening in Skyrim is pretty bad from memory since it actually runs out of charge and becomes useless since you can't refill it.
@Mishy Oops, mine was also drain health, not absorb magicka.
i don't know what you guys have been smoking if you think that morrowind that horrendous game is better that skyrim the best game i have ever played on Xbox 360 in my whole life
I've been smoking Ash Vampires right and left.
@Cyrokill never said it was overall horrendous but the combat sucked nuts compared to future installments, the AI was inferior and its journal system was crappy as well :P
@LordXenophon Careful that stuff can give you Sanguinare Vampiris if you're not careful....
Of the series I've played so far (1 - 4), Oblivion was my favorite. I played the holy living hell out of Oblivion for PC. I had bought Skyrim, but lent it to a co-worker (I was already hip deep in another RPG at the time). Then he got fired and I never got it back. I'll pick it up again, but I think I'll wait until the GotY version comes out.
You lent it out to a co-worker before you even played it?

..........................get out. ................Just.

Get. Out.

@Mishy And stop looking at my junk!
@Wastelander-75 then put your junk away and I'll just stare at the ground!
Whatcha gonna do with all that junk, anyway?
hey this is my thread, if I want to have my junk out I can. Just don't stare at it.

That's just bad manners.
I only even got the game because I let myself get caught up in the "OMG I need this!" It was going to be a long time before I had time to play it, so I tried to be nice.
Don't we all have a few unplayed games on the back shelf, waiting their turns to be tried out? Few people loan out games from that pile, though.
yeah! give 'im hell Xeno!
No way! I'm not done with it yet.
wh...oh. What you did there?

I saw it.
@LordXenophon what's wastelander gonna do with all that junk? all that junk inside his trunk? looks like he's gonna get you drunk, get you love drunk off his hump!
Not likely. And his junk isn't in a trunk. It's just sitting there, outside the dungeon door.
It's a greatsword, if you're wondering.
It's a mediocre sword, at best.
it's a Daedric sword from the halls of the Mad God.

Long Live Sheogorath!
No no no no.
It's, SHAGgorath. -wink-
I always wondered about him. Now I don't have to wonder anymore thanks to Wastelander. :P
crap...what's the html tags to insert an image here?
I have no clue, I just link it then run :P
img src="place url here"
We probably don't want to see whatever image he has in mind.
I saw those notifications of the image you went for >:(
I just filed that under "Stuff Happens."
oh that, sorry. I was trying to post an image but it kept f'ing up.

So I'll just imagine it happened and everyone thought it was funny.
Why am I laughing and what are these black marks on my arm?
@LordXenophon That's the drugs, and please note the black marks just above your hip. Also the cuts that are so finely sewn together. Some would call them beautiful. I TOOK YOUR KIDNEY! Nevermind, I'm sure you're fine...
That wasn't me. You must be confusing me with somebody else.

Hey! You butchered my simulacrum! You cad!
Oops. Guess I forgot to stop the bleeding...
Just wait until that kidney turns back into snow and then see how much it's worth.
Already sold it! Now to hide from the recipient's friends and family...
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